What You Should Know When Renting Or Leasing Out Your Investment Property.
Techniques Used To Avoid Detection.
How The Growers Hide Marijuana Grow Rooms.
How Grow Houses Work
Using Infra-Red To Stamp Our Grow-ops.
Sample of a Mould Assessment Report (PDF) Format
Grow House Pamphlet (PDF) Format
Assistance for Home Owners (PDF) Format
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Welcome to GrowOpSolutions.ca.

Every year across Canada hundreds of home owners and companies rent out their homes or buildings to unscrupulous people who quickly turn them into Grow Homes and Grow-Ops. In a very short time these locations are quickly transformed into overwhelming hot and steamy environments, ideal for marijuana plants to grow in.

The damage they cause to these properties runs in the millions but the profits derived from Grow-ops also run in the millions. In fact the cost savings compared to the practice of illegal importation of Marijuana and its derivatives make the Grow-op business a growth industry here in Canada. The laws need to be changed to discourage this illegal activity but this web site is not about law enforcement and sentencing but rather meant to help you understand and protect yourself from a possible grow-op condition if you are leasing a property.

There are a series of articles about Grow-ops in this site. The Introduction article on our menu is probably where you want to start.

If you are thinking of buying a house and want piece of mind that your investment will be safe, then please check the above link.